The Four Top RV Awnings -- Compare these Critical Differences NOW!

We will analyze 4 top brands of RV awnings.  Your RV awning purchase decision is now EASY!

Carefree of Colorado Altitude Power Awning

Why do the Best Top RV awnings cost so much?

A major component of the cost of an RV awning is shipping costs. (Lippert, Carefree and Dometic)

A one-piece tube must ship via freight truck. 

A multi-section (Aleko or RecPro) tube allows for an entire awning kit to fit in one UPS-able box.  The awning is not as strong, is more difficult to install, and can be significantly cheaper.

Awnlux Modular RV Awning

Awnlux Black Motorized Modular Retractable RV Awning Full Set Assemblies for RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Motorhome - RV Trailer Awning for Home or Camper.

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Will I get everything I need when I order online?

Use care!  On Amazon, and many sites, if you look to buy an “RV Awning”, you might end up with just a piece of fabric.

If you are replacing an existing awning on an RV, you will already have an awning rail.  This is the C-molding at the top of your wall.  So, most RV awnings don’t include an awning rail.  (Lippert, Carefree and Dometic)

A Complete RV Awning is composed of 2 components:  

  • A Fabric Roller Tube Assembly

  • An Awning Arms Set (or Hardware Set)

These 2 components MUST be compatible with each other.  Thus, ordering online can be confusing about whether you are truly getting what you need.

The lower-priced ‘kit in a box’ should be complete and often even includes the awning rail.

Can I install it myself?

  • Lippert ???
  • Carefree of Colorado provides good instructions and manuals on their website,  They welcome DIY installs if you have a power drill and a helper.
  • Dometic ???
  • Aleko does not get high marks for their instructions or support.

Where are RV awnings made?

Lippert, USA

Carefree of Colorado, USA

Dometic, Mexico

Aleko, China


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