The Four Top RV Awnings -- Compare these Critical Differences NOW!

We will analyze 4 top brands of RV awnings.  Your RV awning purchase decision is now EASY!

Carefree of Colorado Altitude Power Awning

Why do the Best Top RV awnings cost so much?

A major component of the cost of an RV awning is shipping costs. (Lippert, Carefree and Dometic)

A one-piece tube must ship via freight truck. 

A multi-section (Aleko or RecPro) tube allows for an entire awning kit to fit in one UPS-able box.  The awning is not as strong, is more difficult to install, and can be significantly cheaper.

Will I get everything I need when I order online?

Use care!  On Amazon, and many sites, if you look to buy an “RV Awning”, you might end up with just a piece of fabric.

If you are replacing an existing awning on an RV, you will already have an awning rail.  This is the C-molding at the top of your wall.  So, most RV awnings don’t include an awning rail.  (Lippert, Carefree and Dometic)

A Complete RV Awning is composed of 2 components:  

  • A Fabric Roller Tube Assembly

  • An Awning Arms Set (or Hardware Set)

These 2 components MUST be compatible with each other.  Thus, ordering online can be confusing about whether you are truly getting what you need.

The lower-priced ‘kit in a box’ should be complete and often even includes the awning rail.

Can I install it myself?

  • Lippert ???
  • Carefree of Colorado provides good instructions and manuals on their website,  They welcome DIY installs if you have a power drill and a helper.
  • Dometic ???
  • Aleko does not get high marks for their instructions or support.

Where are RV awnings made?

Lippert, USA

Carefree of Colorado, USA

Dometic, Mexico

Aleko, China


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