Building A Tiny House Yourself

By MightySmall

When you build a Tiny House yourself…  Do you need a kit?  Do you need plans?  Or, do you just ‘wing it’?


You will find plenty of professional help when you take on the project of building a tiny house yourself.

These sites will help you to see the possibilities that are yours!

Texas Tiny Homes has a huge selection of plans to build a tiny house–not on wheels.

They can help you with digital plans and even finding a builder and estimating the costs of building one. You can be the builder of a tiny house!

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Plans & Information from Texas Tiny Homes for building a Tiny Home
Texas Tiny Homes has Plans & More!

Tiny Home Builders has Tiny House Plans–on wheels.

Tiny Home Builders Video
Tiny Home Builders Video

DIY House Builders features some customizable Plans of Building a Tiny House.

Build this tiny home and make it yours!

Building a “Tiny House Made Easy”.

Building a tiny house the easy way!
Tiny House Made Easy™

“Tiny House Made Easy” is a digital program that will teach you step-by-step how to build your very own tiny house.

Yes, You Can Find Tiny Home Kits on Amazon!

This one gives an estimated build time for two people and forty hours:

And this kit ships in 6 to 10 days:

Also, be sure to check out some eye-opening books about building a tiny house.

What are your plans?  Do you plan to build tiny, soon?



About the author

I’m Connie Fielding. I’m a minimalist and full-time, on-line entrepreneur with multiple streams of income. My experiences are helping others to find financial success without a J.O.B. Tiny homes, travel, and new ideas fascinate me.

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