On the one hand, it’s our home, and we want it to feel like home with comfy, uncrowded living spaces.  And, at the same time, we need to fit everything we do into a much smaller than average space.  This means our furniture needs to be extra functional.  In fact, built-in and multi-functional items are highly favored by tiny home dwellers.  

If you are able to visit an IKEA store, do it!  They have the smallest of living spaces set up to give you a myriad of ideas for your space.  Their store map shows about 40 stores in the United States and another two coming soon.

Folding, collapsible and convertible furniture includes Murphy beds, slide-away beds, fold-up table or desk, expanding tables and inflatable furniture.  Most RV owners are familiar with a jack-knife sofa, hide-a-bed sofa, or futon but, still prefer a ‘real’ mattress for their main everyday bed which can remain ‘made’ and is most comfortable.  Chairs and benches can accomodate some extra storage.  


Further information about some of the products mentioned in this article:

We lived with an inflatable 5-in-1 sofa/bed for quite some time.  We used it daily when we first had no living room furniture and again when we brought our own bed with us to sleep overnight on family visits and again, for our guest’s accomodations.  View some inflatable furniture at Amazon:

When buying your ‘real’ mattress, you don’t need to go to a mattress or furniture store.  The Recovr Mattress encourages you to try their mattress at home.  Then, if you wish to return it, you may at no cost.  Of course, it ships right to your door, is made in the USA, and it has a 10-year warranty.  They are offering an amazing discount through this link:  


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