How is a Dishwasher like an Air Fryer?

By MightySmall

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Think about it…  prior to our Tiny Home lifestyle, and while cooking for a family of four, we found our dishwasher to be invaluable.  We could gather the dishes directly into the dishwasher until we had a full load to run.  The kitchen remained (mostly) clean and we wouldn’t need to be tied up at the sink after each meal.  I have a friend who currently prepares and serves (almost) all meals for her family of four.  She has two dishwashers.  And, she finds this arrangement to not only lighten her cleaning load, but keeps the kitchen in order without the dirty dishes pile.  When one machine is full, it gets run and the other machine begins to accumulate for the next load.  

Being a tiny home fan or owner, you might be doing your dish cleaning “the old-fashioned way”.  Most everyone we encounter in the RV lifestyle either used disposables (and don’t really ‘cook’) or they have so much dirty dish accumulation during meal prep that they never have enough counter space to work properly in their small kitchens.  

I know… a dishwasher in an RV sounds rather bizarre.  But, we did it anyway!  And, I’m glad we did.  We haven’t used a paper plate in more than nine years and we never have a pile of dishes waiting.  We make most of our own meals.  And, since we also work from home, my workspace was actually the dining table which would be forcing me to ‘do the dishes’ before I could return to my work.  A dishwasher is a necessity, not a luxury.

Of course, downsized appliances are the norm in tiny-home-living–refrigerator, all-in-one washer/dryer, stove, etc.  RV’s usually don’t have laundry machines since laundromats are nearby and often right at the RV park.  But, it sure is nice to not have to leave your home to do laundry.  The wait time can be productive time for other work.  Many RV’s do not have an oven at all and some have a microwave or combo microwave and convection oven.  We had already used the oven space for our dishwasher (yes, built-in) and when our microwave failed, decided to get a Nu Wave (countertop) oven.  It’s awesome and we never did replace the microwave.

Then, we got a Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) also by Nu Wave.  We found ourselves using the PIC everyday and the built-in stove was just taking up space.  So, we eventually removed the cooktop allowing for more countertop and workspace!  Eventually, the Nu Wave oven failed.  We considered replacing it (we missed it so much) but, by this time, air fryers were available.  An air fryer can cook from frozen, bake, roast, reheat, etc.  It browns nicelyand doesn’t need to be preheated.  It’s a safe countertop appliance with easy cleanup (dishwasher if you have it!).  I cannot imagine living a tiny-home-lifestyle without such an appliance.  It’s a necessity, not a luxury.

Tiny homes…tiny appliances…tiny environmental footprint.  We would’t have it any other way.


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