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Are you wishing you could live the mobile lifestyle?

We’ve done it!  Lot’s of people are doing it!  YOU can, too!

Getting Started

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt

We’ve known people that researched and dreamed of a mobile lifestyle for years.  Some waited until retirement to make the move.  Some quickly made the decision and sold everything and hit the road without a plan.  And, you know, it seems to have worked out for all of them…except those that didn’t get started.

The ‘Workers On Wheels’ website and newsletter will be a great resource and inspiration to you as look into and prepare for your new lifestyle.

Then, you will want to visit more job sites like:


You could be working almost anyplace you can imagine!  Seasonal work abounds and is easy to find.

Our Personal Seasonal Work Experiences Include:

Working the peak season at an Amazon fulfillment center.  Get the story here.

Working at the Sugarbeet Harvest in Montana.  Get the story here.

Caring for llamas on a Llama Farm.

Retail work at a General Store in Yellowstone National Park.

Retail work at a Travel and Gift Shop in New Mexico.

Managed an RV Park in Nevada.


About the author

I’m Connie Fielding. I’m a minimalist and full-time, on-line entrepreneur with multiple streams of income. My experiences are helping others to find financial success without a J.O.B. Tiny homes, travel, and new ideas fascinate me.

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