Sharing Your Selfless Heart Through Giving

By MightySmall

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Selflessly Sharing & Giving

Giving 101:  Expecting Nothing in Return

When sharing your selfless heart and new spirit, it's important to shift your focus to philanthropy, which is "a love for humanity." Caring for others is the foundation for developing a love for philanthropy.

Philanthropy does not only mean starting a million-dollar foundation for the local hospital or operating an outreach hotline to support victims of social injustices. Instead, philanthropy means caring for anyone in need and reaching out to help.

The Many Opportunities

Your selfless heart will find that the needs are endless - shelter, food, water, clothing, education, love and friendship. It is our hearts that decide what we can give and how much of our resources we can use to help others.

Sharing Your Selfless Heart:  Examples and Action Ideas

You can get involved with philanthropy in the following ways: 

1. Care for children at an orphanage. Orphanages need financial support to ensure that services can be maintained. However, one-on-one care for the children being housed is even more important. 

  • Actually "getting your hands dirty" is one of the most selfless things you can do.
  • Lend your services two Saturdays out of every month to bathe and feed the children at the nearest orphanage . Activities like these really change the lives of the less fortunate and will likely change your life too.
  • Plan quarterly birthday parties for the kids so they feel special and important when their birthdays are being celebrated.

2. Reach out to the homeless.  If you think back, you'll likely realize that you walk or drive past homeless individuals on a regular basis without a second thought.  Consider changing that approach by reaching out to lend a helping hand!

  • You may not have the ability to change 1,000 lives, but you can start by changing one.  Is there one homeless person you can identify who is always on the same street corner?  Try "adopting" that person by providing him with a hot meal each evening. 
  • Ask your neighbors to donate gently used clothing or personal care items to that specific homeless person or to the local homeless shelter.

3. Embrace victims of abuse.  Victims of abuse need love more than anything else.  Encourage these individuals to acknowledge their self-worth and celebrate all they have overcome. 

  • Providing support, advice, or even a listening ear can significantly help the healing process.
  • Involve the victim in activities that will take their mind off the emotional pain they may feel.  Activities could include spiritual guidance, physically challenging outdoor feats, or a simple opportunity to share in the laughter.
  • Try to find ways to rehabilitate the abused person's self-esteem.


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