Staying Warm Inside Your Tiny Home

By MightySmall

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When we live in a regular residence, supplied with utilities, we don’t even think about planning to heat our space in order to stay comfortable. We just adjust the thermostat and an electric or gas furnace provides heat on-demand.

Heating a home that is ‘off the grid’ gives you several options that you will want to consider. Even if you have 30 or 50 amp electrical service at an RV site, you probably will not be able to accomplish all your heating needs with electric space heaters. Most RV’s are equipped with LP gas furnaces which will require maintaining a supply of LP gas by way of refilling portable 20 or 30 pound cylinders. Such a system could be adapted for use in most Tiny Homes.

If you plan to use a locally available fuel such as wood or pellets, you will need to manage your fuel supply, your fire, and plan your installation into your floorplan carefully.

Don’t forget to install a carbon monoxide detector as well as a smoke detector when using any heating system that burns fuel.

Is it safe to have a fire burning in my house?


When you follow all the safety guidelines of installing a stove, such as clearances required and proper venting, you will have a safe, cozy and efficient space heating system.

Or, you might consider an outdoor wood stove which would keep the fire and fuel outside but, then you would need to tend that fire by going outside yourself. Indoor units can also be used for some cooking, especially slow cooking or keeping a kettle of hot water ready.

Worried about the fire going out?

A new fire is easier to start than you might think. No lighter fluid or newspapers are required when you use an eco-friendly, all natural, non-toxic firestarter like Lightnin’ Flame:


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