Looking for the Best RV Awning?

By MightySmall

Key Features of a Great RV Awning...

The best RV Awning manufacturers don't cut corners.

This is pretty basic stuff, but some new, non-domestic,  manufacturers are now providing awnings with a pieced-together roller tube.  One-piece roller tubes are a standard in the industry for strength.  Yes, they cost more to ship and that is why they are not as cheap as an 'awning-in-a-box' which can ship via UPS.

Only the highest quality materials are used.  The vinyl fabric is not folded to fit in the box.  Rather, it is part of the roller tube assembly.  Folding vinyl creates stressed points that will not disappear with time.  And of course, you will play the role of the manufacturer when you piece together your roller tube and install your fabric.

The best RV Awnings are built by an awning company.

All Awnings ... All the Time

The best RV awnings are made in the U.S.A.

That's right!  American workers, American warehouse distributors, and American dealers.

Carefree of Colorado nails all these points!  Visit CarefreeOfColorado.com.

However, there are times when the best is not appropriate.  If you will not be keeping your RV or camper for much longer or are willing to accept a more difficult installation and lower quality, we suggest looking at Amazon:  


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