The Awning for Your RV Should be Cheap or an Outstanding Performer?

By MightySmall

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Pioneer RV Awning

If you are looking for a new awning for your RV, you might be tempted to go for the cheapest option available.  However, before you make a decision, you should consider the differences between cheap RV awnings and high-quality Carefree of Colorado awnings. 

Here are some factors to compare:

Strength:  Cheap RV awnings are often made of thin fabric that can tear easily in strong winds or heavy rain.  They also have flimsy frames that can bend or break under stress.  Carefree of Colorado awnings are made of durable vinyl or acrylic fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions.  They also have sturdy frames that are designed to resist corrosion and rust.

Installation difficulty:  Cheap RV awnings can be tricky to install, especially if they don't come with clear instructions or the right hardware.  You might need to drill holes, cut wires, or adjust brackets to make them fit your RV.  Carefree of Colorado awnings are easy to install, as they come with everything you need to mount them on your RV.  You can choose from manual or electric models, depending on your preference.

Price:  Cheap RV awnings might seem like a bargain at first, but they can end up costing you more in the long run.  They can damage your RV's exterior, require frequent repairs or replacements, and reduce your resale value.  Carefree of Colorado awnings are more expensive upfront, but they can save you money in the long term.  They can protect your RV from sun damage, last longer, and enhance your RV's appearance.

As you can see, cheap RV awnings are not worth the risk.  If you want to enjoy your RV trips without worrying about your awning, you should invest in a high-quality Carefree of Colorado awning.  You will not regret it!


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