Manual Crank-out Patio Awnings

By MightySmall

June 24, 2018

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“What is the easy way to get more shade for my porch or patio area?”

We are often asked how to add shade to an outdoor space.

Any tiny home could use some extra shade for comfortable outdoor living.  And, a great do-it-yourself solution is a retractable RV Patio Awning.  These awnings are offered in many models with different features.  Most folks don’t need a motorized unit, nor even, a spring assisted model like you see on most RV’s.  Rather, Carefree of Colorado manufactures the Pioneer Manual Crank-Out Awning which is intended for motorhomes and campers (including your tiny home).

RV Supply Warehouse features the Complete Pioneer Awning but is no longer shipping complete RV awnings. Therefore, the best online source for a Carefree of Colorado Pioneer patio awning is now Amazon.

However, when shopping at Amazon, extra care needs to be taken to be sure you are getting the correct item and, in the case of a Complete RV Awning, you will need TWO components in order to have a Complete awning. Amazon will guarantee your satisfaction and the competition of multiple sellers generally assures a fair price.

. . .

Are you a real penny pincher?

Now if 

you are not too picky about color

you are OK with lesser quality and a Chinese or unknown manufacturer

you can handle a more complicated installation

And …

you don’t want to spend too much on an awning

Then check out these Complete Crank-out Awnings to install on your camper, cargo trailer, or tiny home:



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