CleanLight Air–the Best UV Air Cleaner is the Simple Solution to Clean, Safe Breathing

By MightySmall

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Breathe easy in your small space!


Cooking odors, pet dander, and smoke are just the beginning.  What about germs, bacteria, and even viruses?

CleanLight Air
CleanLight Air Portable UV Air Purifier
  • UVC LED Light: CleanLight Air uses UV-C rays to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria
  • H13 HEPA FILTER: 360-degree air filter removes 99% of particles including smoke, odors, dust, pet dander, TVOC, and air pollution.
  • ULTRA-QUIET: With Low And High Fan Modes less than 27dB
  • PERFECT FOR CARS & TRAVELING & TINY HOMES: Small enough to fit in a cup holder, large enough to purify 161 square feet.
  • UNIQUE BONUS FEATURES: Aromatherapy sponge plus USB-output to charge devices


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I’m Connie Fielding. I’m a minimalist and full-time, on-line entrepreneur with multiple streams of income. My experiences are helping others to find financial success without a J.O.B. Tiny homes, travel, and new ideas fascinate me.

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